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I write awkward tales. Mostly funny. Usually true. Often truthfully funny.

Chiroptera-faecis psychosis

So, I wonder: Does this theme skew the world’s hue because I’m wildly wielding an urgent, pre-loaded brush making it seem this way?

The Dreaming of Dreams

Almost as long as I can remember, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep. I’ve been told that I used to. There are well-worn anecdotes of how I slept through someone crashing their car into the tree outside my bedroom, or the huge earthquake or the enormous neighborhood party. But […]

Down wit’ it–teen tyme, yo!

So today, I was scrolling through a list of therapy groups in San Diego. For a friend. TOTALLLLLY for a friend. She really needs my stable, even-keeled, always-rational help in finding a reliable therapist…for, you know, her. -ahem- Anywho…. I stumbled across this ad for a group and my immediate […]

Apparently, I’m Dead–updated.

“Apparently, according to the letter I received today from the Los Angeles County Public Guardian, I’m dead. It’s been such a sublime, peaceful, extremely bright day today that I’m starting to question it myself. Though, in Heaven, I wouldn’t be out of smokes. I’ll let you know if I resurrect anytime soon in the eyes of the State of California.”

Mobi’s CV

The other night, I carried my cat to bed instead of listening to the half hour of meowing when he suddenly notices I’m not in the room. You know, the other room. The other room of the two rooms. So, we went to the bedroom. It was dark, I was […]

Summer is Here!

It’s that time of year in San Diego, kids! Fire season is here! Time to pack a bag, gallons of water, and canned goods. Time to start making that list, checking it twice and listing your friends’ houses in order of naughty, nice, location, generosity, cleanliness and stocked liquor cabinets. […]