Servicing like I do. Barely.

You Need Our Dark

My “assholeness”, you may have figured out by now, concerned reader, comes from a darker place. But that's just me. Not everyone's outlooks are made up of cherries and groovy disco, you know.

The Bitchin Scale

Despite what the  "melancholy", "artistic", and "deep" aura this photo is trying to convey, these girls walking on the "train tracks" at "dusk"  says quite a bit more than what's on the page....something like... that I typed in "friends" on a royalty-free pic site and got this. Hence all the quotation marks. I'm not buying... Continue Reading →

How to Deal

Here's something I rarely do...rant. Just kidding. Anyway, I was talking to, seeking advice from actually, a good friend of mine about her success in her relationship. She then sought advice from me about Depression/Anxiety/whatnot. Especially, what to do about thoughts that just won't go away. Ruminating, Obsessing, Freaking out, Mo's normal Tuesday, whatever you... Continue Reading →


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