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The Normal

Fuck you. Seriously. I’m so sick and tired of your lack of compassion. I beg for compassion but I get exasperated instead. I’m so sick and tired of being so sensitive. I’m tired of caring so much to the point that I can’t care for anyone but myself. I’m tired […]

The Canyon of Lost Keys

I already knew what I was doing wasn’t a smart thing to do but sometimes “smart” gets superseded by “gotta get some”. I was going to his house to fool around with my ex that night and, not surprisingly, it got weird. Not in the way that you may think. […]

Doctor’s Office Fashions

I’m in the doctor’s office, waiting as patiently as, well, a patient, looking at all the medically things in the cabinets. Just checking stuff out, opening drawers, stealing pens and giant Q-tips, misbalancing the scale, when I finally assess the paper drapes the nurse said I had to wear after […]