There was this time…(pt. 9)

There was this time, pt 9 Loggins and Messina redemption.

There was this time…(pt. 8)

John Cleese thinks I'm the best Longs Drugs employee ever.

Kind of Miss the Fondling

Missing the urge to fondle me doesn't mean that I can't hear the fondling.

There was this time…(pt. 7)

When I first started working there, there was a full-blown riot right out front of the registration office.

Defend Your Sacred

Finding those things about yourself, pinpointing what they are and staunchly holding them dear, can repel anyone who tries to change those things and therefore you.

There was this time…(pt.6)

I keep saying it'll be my last story but then I think of another one… I was having martinis with some friends at the Biltmore in Montecito. This is around 2000. I think. I don't know anymore. What I remember is that I noticed my friend, Craig, was in the lobby and not joining our... Continue Reading →

There was this time…(pt. 5)

This one is more embarrassing than body-slamming a supermodel. Don't worry, I'm gonna to tell you anyway. My friends are good friends with a well-known author. A very well-known author. Not some slouchy, dime store, cozy novelist. A real writer of Literature. No begrudging anyone at all with the creativity, determination, discipline, and drive to... Continue Reading →

There was this time…(pt. 4)

I met three Hollywood tough guys almost 20 years apart. All three were the nicest people. Keep in mind that while two of these incidents were while I was working, only the first one was I wearing a name tag. I don’t normally wear a name tag but only because they fall into that vortex... Continue Reading →

There was this time…(pt. 3)

The time I met a supermodel was the most un-supermodel-y moment I could’ve come up with. We met each other, but we were never formally introduced. One morning, I woke up to no water. That was particularly painful as I’d indulged in far too much fermented grape juice the night before. Apparently, the whole apartment... Continue Reading →

There was this time…(pt. 2)

The time I met Christopher Lloyd was epic and iconic. Sort of. The movie was already 20 years old back then. I happened to come across a friend who ran an auto-detailing shop in Santa Barbara who was waiting at the curb for a client to show up. I don’t remember the car the client... Continue Reading →

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