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Welcome to the No Toast Zone

Tales of landing butter-side down.

These are stories about the awkward in my life. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them. If not, I’ll come to your house and tell you how wrong you are until you agree.

Please feel free to comment. I’ll feel free to ignore them. Or I’ll curl up in the fetal position and cry and cry and cry. But go ahead, I’m sure it’s “constructive” criticism anyway. -sigh-

Thanks. Keep being you.

The author

Molly @ theNTZ

What could possibly go wrong?

I didn’t practice loafing around all these years to start “exercising” now.

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The Only Lesson

It’s like getting 3 free months of e-tickets to Disneyland but the only ride open is that rickety no-name roller coaster they built before liability suits were a thing.

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Wondering at our luck in our escape, pride in each other’s soaring, we see that wherever it is we land, it’s surprisingly sunny there.

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