Beautiful Day for a Bitchy Rant

Here’s a little tip; something you may not know about me. A Pro-Mo tip, if you will. There’s no real reason why you should know this so don’t get all angsty for not knowing something, even though I’m totally appalled at your misstep. How can I count on you, faithful reader, to properly stalk me... Continue Reading →

The Bitchin Scale

Despite what the  "melancholy", "artistic", and "deep" aura this photo is trying to convey, these girls walking on the "train tracks" at "dusk"  says quite a bit more than what's on the page....something like... that I typed in "friends" on a royalty-free pic site and got this. Hence all the quotation marks. I'm not buying... Continue Reading →

Death Isn’t Private and a Promise for a Long Lost Friend

If there ever comes a time where I'm told it's the end for me, here's my plan: I'm throwing a huge party and everyone's invited. Afterwards, while we spike my IV with Diet Coke and vodka, we're playing the original Trivial Pursuit I've memorized by now and Pictionary (I get to win even if I... Continue Reading →

The Canyon of Lost Keys

I already knew what I was doing wasn’t a smart thing to do but sometimes “smart” gets superseded by “gotta get some”. I was going to his house to fool around with my ex that night and, not surprisingly, it got weird. Not in the way that you may think. This site isn’t full of... Continue Reading →

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