Basement Scrote


Did you know that it was actually possible to take the high road in social media? It’s true. It happens all the time. As the trolls are out trolling, being assholes, banking those negative karma points, it is possible to actually ignore them and move on.

Ours has become a very bare-naked, explosively explicit, vulnerable world. Armed with the power of anonymity, it’s far too easy to exploit those brave people who put their bare selves out there, into the vast, angry Internet.

It takes a strong, self-assured, supported, courageous person to rise above such trollish comments and assume, heroically, a stoic posture. It secures one’s place in righteousness. Integrity is, after all, how we act when no one is looking. What we emulate, what we project, what we teach by our own actions is who we all should aim to be.

Having said that…fuck that little fucking prick who so rudely commented on my site. Fuck you, you little worthless piece of shit. Your mother is ashamed of you. If your father knows you exist, he wishes that the fifty cents he paid to fuck your mother in the first place included a condom without a hole in it. Keep trolling, Dick. It won’t erase your shame, your tiny dick, or your herpes.

And take a shower, you fat fuck, I can smell your basement scrote from here.

I didn’t say I was taking the high road…just that it was possible.