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Whitestone Research

I went to our accountant, Travis’s office, to drop off stuff, which is my daily or every other daily. Their office shares the same reception area with another. It’s called Whitestone Research. I have no idea what that means but for the last year and 8 months, it has been […]


There are these fish that swim around on my computer’s desktop all day. If you click on the box, it feeds them. Just a couple clicks and they chase the little yellow dots of “food” and eat them. Well, now every time I open my browser, I have to feed […]

Car Wash

I suppose I could use the excuse of having been born blonde though that’s not much of one since I haven’t been blonde in 20 years. So I won’t. Yesterday, I went to get my car washed. I pumped my gas, succumbed to the tantalizing offer of a carwash for […]